AuthorTopic: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up - All PMs Sent!  (Read 21174 times)

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Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up - All PMs Sent!

on: November 24, 2019, 01:18:46 am

You don't know what's going on? Here it is: You sign up for this, get a random partner assigned to you, and you make a pixel art gift for them. In turn, somebody else (you don't know who) will be making a gift for you! Gifts will be revealed on Christmas.

Take a look at a previous year's Secret Santa here: 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005

Taking Part
  • Only sign up if you're sure that you'll be to able to complete your gift, by checking the dates below. If you don't complete your gift you'll be banned from next year's Secret Santa and make someone very sad. :'(
  • Provide some indication of your likes/dislikes: this is important! You can be as specific or broad as you like, but be aware this is all your Santa has to go by if they don't know you!
  • If you only have a few posts, put your social media in your profile so that people have a better idea of who you are when making a present for you.
  • You'll receive your partner's name via private message (PM).
  • When you've finished your gift, send it to me by PM; not in the thread here. That would not be secret. :P
  • EdJR and Pistachio may NOT participate this year because they failed to submit a gift on time last year. Do not let this be you! >:D
  • Here's a sample post if you are somehow still lost. ::) You can format however you want, however please include "I'm in!" or something similar in your post.
    Quote from:  mr example
    Count me in!
    I like:
    rocks and grass, luigi, mining equipment
    I do NOT like:
    bright colors, green, and spiders.
    Thanks! again, no spiders :)

Important Dates
  • November 23rd~30th - Sign-ups in this week only! Send this topic to your friends, and post in your Discords. If there's anyone you'd love to get a gift from, send them this thread!
  • December 1st - A PM with your partner's name will be sent out to you; keep it a secret and start early!
  • December 1st~December 22nd - You have three weeks to make a beautiful pixel present!
  • December 22nd - Last day to send in your gift!
  • December 22nd~December 23rd - Very last chance! DON'T make our lives harder if you can avoid it, finish before this time period. Send me your WIP if you aren't finished.
  • Night of December 24th (A few hours before EST Christmas) - PRESENTS!!!!
PM me if you're confused about anything or have any questions to ask after consulting the FAQ below.

SantA's Help desk

What kind of gift do I make?
-Anything you want, just so long as it involves pixel art. Tailor it to your partner's listed interests, or towards them and their work if you are familiar. Any subject you think will be well received is fair game. You can make them a mockup, animation, sprites, textured low poly models; you name it! If you're worried about time, don't overly complicate things, relax and do what you do best.

But I'm quite likely to be embroiled in some sort of ~festive revelry~ around the end of December; can I still take part?
-You can send your gift in as early as you like. The 23rd is the deadline, but submissions will be accepted from the time you receive your partner's name via PM, up until the 23rd. It's not fun to try and rush this stuff leading up to Christmas, getting it done with time to spare is highly recommended ;)

I'm not going to manage finishing my present in time, will I still get a strike?
-WIPs will be OK temporarily... It's better to have your WIP under the tree than nothing, but please finish quickly afterwards to avoid consequences. If you know you won't be able to finish, for whatever reason, let me know ASAP so that something else can be sorted out for your partner.

I think making a present for so-and-so would be really fun, I wish I was their Santa!
-If you finish your present early, you're more than welcome to make gifts for multiple people. Spread the holiday cheer! But concentrate on your partner first. :y:

Gift Wrap!

When you send me the PM with your gift, designate one of these wrappings (A1, B5, etc.) This gift wrapping is what your Secret Santa will click on under the tree to receive your gift.

Alternatively: Make a custom wrapping for your gift; in this way you can have a bit of fun teasing the contents within. Just PM it along with your gift. Here are a few from previous years... with a link to their gifts, for ideas. (you can't use these! come up with your own!)

by wolfenoctis

by regulus awesome

by Jeremy

by Drazelic

Read everything? Great! If you sign up below before or on the 28th of November, you'll be added to this list. After you submit your gift, I'll mark you on my list with a little :santastic:

  • :santastic:
  • :santastic: loni_art
  • :santastic: MysteryMeat
  • :santastic: Gecimen
  • :santastic: skamocore
  • :santastic: Kairos
  • (wip) :santastic: Knightsunder
  • :santastic: zoekmath
  • :santastic: vemigvan
  • :santastic: Theodote
  • :santastic: Fry
  • :santastic: BatElite
  • :santastic: Dex
  • :santastic: PizzaTom
  • :santastic: HarveyDentMustDie
  • :santastic: zedOFF
  • :santastic: magickbird
  • (wip) :santastic: xhunterko
  • :santastic: TATAPNHOB
  • (wip) :santastic: Prism
  • :santastic: orangemagik
  • :santastic: hANshOTtH3RD

Please only sign up if you are absolutely certain you can finish your gift. Have fun!
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #1 on: November 24, 2019, 01:44:05 am
im up!
vibrant colors, glass and marble, dresses
clutter & wide color schemes

i think my likes on twitter represent most of this pretty well
repeat on repeat

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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #2 on: November 24, 2019, 02:47:54 am
Slap me in there, lad!
Psychological horror, meaty monstrosities, ugly people, rot and ruin, robots, and all those great awful things your mom told you not to like

excessive color palettes, idealized character designs, vapid high-school "I'm 13 and this is deep"isms

Generally, though, I really love when pictures tell a story, and I REALLY love when that story makes me feel a bit grimy inside.
PSA: use imgur also go suggest on my quest, cmon

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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #3 on: November 24, 2019, 04:13:31 am

If you'd like something specific, this year I'd like a piece that's depicting an internal organ somehow (a brain-robot, a murder scene, doesn't matter).

If you don't like what's above:

Likes: sci-fi, post apocalyptic, fantasy, pirates and most other settings. dual lit scenes & sprites. detailed textures.

Dislikes: anime, cute stuff.

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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #4 on: November 24, 2019, 10:21:30 am
Sign me up \o/

Purple colours, especially, this one: #6D3D70
Weird sci-fi things
Existential horror

Christmas stuff

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  • Hey!
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #5 on: November 24, 2019, 12:04:22 pm
Hey! Lurker here, decided to finally make an account for this, so I hope I can still participate even if this is my very first post >_<

I like: Anime-like characters, battles, warhammer-like designs, cute stuff, castles and a lot of other tihngs! It sure is hard to think of stuff on the spot.

I do NOT like: Furry characters, monochrome, "aesthetic" designs.

I put my Twitter on my profile too, in case that helps!

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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #6 on: November 24, 2019, 12:05:57 pm
I want to participate!

 :y:  :y:  :y:
Warhammer Fantasy

 :n:  :n:  :n:
Chibi humans
Nintendo characters
Anything cute

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  • Just like, cyberpunk everything.
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #7 on: November 24, 2019, 12:27:16 pm
Howdy again. Yearly Pixelation post :>

Cyberpunk, vaporwave, robotics, the cold, mountains, blue, white, pink.

Cartoons, green, dogs (minus huskies/shepherds), smiling xd

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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #8 on: November 24, 2019, 12:57:47 pm
i want to participate

 ;D high tier likes: anime, foxes, animal girls, cute stuff

 :) low tier likes: heavy armored knights, fantasy, paladins, cool stuff

 >:( dislikes: gore, sexy stuff, makeup, most western cartoons, saturated colors, old anime
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Re: Secret Santa 2019 Sign-Up

Reply #9 on: November 24, 2019, 03:41:10 pm
  :y: Desert (not only of sand - rocky places, canyons etc. are welcome even more)
  :y: Spooky and scary staff like Silent Hill, Lovecraft, Darkest Dungeon (but not like Friday the 13th, zombies and so on)
  :y: Ocean staff (from sponges and corals to deep sea monsters)
  :y: Mushrooms and plants
  :y: Hueshifting
  :y: Jojolion, Nuclear Throne, Steel Ball Run, Thaumcraft
  :n: Cyberpunk and all that connected with technologies
  :n: Too many colors
  :n: Humans
  :n: Edg-32

Me ::) :
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