AuthorTopic: My first ever animation  (Read 24400 times)

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Re: My first ever animation

Reply #70 on: May 27, 2007, 01:54:05 am
Getting off-topic here fellas.  Eck, the extra contrast you added helps the sprite, but little else.  I don't think you're ready to throw around comments like this:

the only way i think your sprite could have looked worse would have been if you had pillow shaded XD

...especially with an edit that barely helps anything.  Beyond that, your edit does not address anything that actually NEEDS changing that is of importance.  Snippa's focus right now should be perspective, anatomy, and motion.  Your edit addresses none of these things, and you threw in a rude comment on top of that.

Snippa, keep thinkin on the stuff we talked about on IM, I look forward to your next update!

i have to dissagree once again.  a blob-like sprite with a perfect walk cycle is worse (to me) then a well made sprite with a lame walk cycle. 

rude?  i ment it more as a complament that he didnt pillow shade =/ [edit] looking back at it, i guess i did phrase it a bit badly, ill edit.[/edit]

things that NEED changing?  excuse me if im wrong, but wouldnt it have been a beter idea to create a decent sprite, with solid colors (not mine, mine was like 3 minuite editing, just to show that the colors needed changing) then to just start animating a bad sprite?

speeking of off topic, i dont think ive seen you post any advice at all.  i think it is YOU that is going off topic.

i have made my point, and given my critique on the sprite, as i am terrible at animating, so i wont post anymore unless i get 'called out' again
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Re: My first ever animation

Reply #71 on: May 27, 2007, 04:36:11 am
1 - No one is advocating a crap sprite with a good walk cycle.  Many people are advocating a simpler, unpolished sprite with a good walkcycle.  There is a difference.

2 - You most certainly did not mean that as a complement.  It was snarky BS, and you'll keep things like that to yourself from now on.

3 - Again, no one is advocating animating a crap sprite.  Many people are advocating the use of a less polished sprite so that problems with anatomy and motion can be fixed more quickly.

4 - I did not post my 20 minute IM conversation with Snippa, so I will ignore your comments about my allegedly useless posts and lack of advice.

Eck, if you find a good artist who does advocate polish before solid fundamentals, be sure to let me know.  I have yet to meet one.

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Re: My first ever animation

Reply #72 on: May 27, 2007, 11:07:04 pm
if novella-type posts from various artists containing valid critiques are making little (but important) headway, it might be better to stick to those.
Eck - your edit doesnt really address the key issues of the piece, and the snippy remarks aren't very helpful either, but that's no reason to stop posting.  I've seen your stuff and know that you have enough knowledge to give decent advice, it would be a shame if you refused to share the whole of your knowledge because you quick paintover got roughed up a bit.

Snippa - looks like your the only poster in yourr thread observing the sabbath ^^.

For your next update, i would work on getting some more rotation of the hips and shoulders in the sideview sprite (which will be shown by shifting the shoulders horizontally a piel or two.)  you've got alittle bit right now in the front shoulder, but you can move it even more than this, and remember that other shoulder will move counter to it.

Keep pushing forward with the basics before focussing on individual frames.  General to specific is a tried and true method for learning the structure and mechanics of a piece.

as far as projections go, i would highly reccomend this book as a comrehensive to the basic concepts and practical applications.
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Re: My first ever animation

Reply #73 on: May 27, 2007, 11:39:34 pm

 :0# - that edit does nothing for this piece.  At least the original has a plausible skin pallete, plus he did need over-contrasturisation.

Agreed, I think the other pallette works alot better with this peice.
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Re: My first ever animation

Reply #74 on: June 10, 2007, 01:44:19 am

Removed the 2nd lightest color (actually just remembered the final frame still contains it, i'll remove it later), added a darker color for the far leg & arm.
Fixed the position of the far leg & arm.
Gave the shoulders some actual movement.
Beefed up the arms by 2 pixels.
Gave him a nose (after a comment made by .TakaM).
Tried to match the hip movement with the shoulder movement (suggested by Adarias).
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