AuthorTopic: Highly Experienced Game Developer looking for artist to create a project  (Read 193 times)

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My name is Shavv and Im a Game Developer with 13 years of experience, that has worked for clients before and have done gigs, submissions and all kinds of other projects. This time I want to go solo. So im looking at pixel artists who can provide me the sufficient art for games, then I stumbled on this page.

If you are willing to work together on a project. The estimated time for the project would be 2 months. I have all the documents ready, I have a planning ready, I have an asset list ready, I have lore design document, I have a music design document. Everything is very organized. I am putting links of my work down here so you can judge my skill yourself. I have many and many more examples I can show you if you are interested in my skill of more work.

Please contact me through discord. Im always online through there and can always respond immediatly (as I am able too).

Discord: Shavv#0009

Thank you all for your time and goodluck!

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