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on: April 29, 2007, 08:05:34 pm
Umm.. Hello there. As you can see, I'm in a new member to these forums and to the spriting & pixel community. Though I've done small edits and know some techniques of shading, I am not capable of creating anything good. I hope by joining and participating with the community more, I'll be able to improve and as well enjoy my time here. Anyways..

I'm currently working on a mini project, and I could use some assistance with some tiles.

Those who are not familiar with classic games, this tile sheet happens to be from "The Legend Of Zelda". I've been trying to enhance those mountain tiles for many days already and with no success. (by making the mountains brown, with more than 4  but less than 9 shades of brown and make it look much better over all.). Can anyone help?

~ Thank you.  :y: