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(American) Football Pixels

on: October 06, 2019, 12:39:59 am
Okay, so I'm a big fan of the NFL and am really frustrated by the recent (last several years) versions of Madden and EA doing nothing. So I'm really tempted to try to mockup and maybe even attempt to code my own pixel art football game.

Instead of oldschool games of the past like Tecmo Bowl or the very early Madden's, I wanted to try and see if I could push the art direction in a minimalist style similar to that of Sword and Sorcery.

Tried to sprite something up in that vein, but I dunno if I'm really getting the results I'm looking for. I'm also inspired by the game trailer for "The Last Night", which is a unique blend of pixel art and modern rendering techniques. Something I might want to try in a 3D engine, such as Unity.

Here's a rough attempt at merging the ideas, but I could probably use some help in translating this style.