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[UNPAID] Pixel - Indie Retro MMORPG

on: September 22, 2019, 08:00:41 pm
Edit: Noticed now that I posted in the wrong board, please move it to the child board.  :)

I been working on a game on and off for more than 10 years now. It's now entirely developed in .NET with all custom graphics made by me. It's a standard MMORPG that offers pvp, pve, quests and much more. I'm planning a test release within a week or so and hoping to have the game on steam early next year.

Recently I have started to think about the pixel art I've made. And though the gfx holds big personal value to me, I think my gfx could hold the game back since I'm a programmer but I always liked to do everything myself. So the gfx has suffered because I do not have any pixel talent. So I have a lot of tiles, a full game worth of them. For example I have 150 items that can be equipped and visible on the player in 4 directions, 3 full landscapes (desert, gras, snow), caves, castles etc.

Looking for
So I'm looking for someone who might be interested to join the team, well there would pretty much be you and me. You will be able to make and style an MMORPG on steam with your own personal touch. Your work would be to remake the tiles I currently have, so you would have a good base on what to do and you can simply pick what you wanna make and when. Wheter you feel like doing a little work on a NPC one day, and maybe spell animation the next.

I have no intentions atm to make money of from this. But if the game gets popular on Steam I might put it as paid and then there will be a possibility for shared revenue.

If this is something you might consider or want to know more about, you can contact me here or check it out more here:

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My pixeled 2D MMORPG:

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Re: [UNPAID] Pixel - Indie Retro MMORPG

Reply #1 on: October 12, 2019, 11:46:56 am
Hello! If you're still looking for someone, I'd be willing to help