AuthorTopic: New avatar + Mecha.......Just a dump actually.  (Read 5907 times)

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Re: New avatar + Mecha

Reply #10 on: April 16, 2007, 08:51:40 pm
Man, does anyone know what's up with the mecha picture? When I try to open it up for editing in GG, it tells me that the 'color table is empty' and doesn't open the picture. Which is a shame, 'cause I wanna edit it :3~


Nevermind, I took a screenshot and color-reduced. Actually, it seemed to do quite well with a lot less colour.

I'd suggest that you work on a non-white BG when you pixel. That way you get a real feel for what you're creating. 0:

I tried to get rid of some outlines that IMO were unneeded and define some shapes and lightsource.  ...And played around with the color. It's not polished though :[]

But if I edited it more I'd perhaps steal your piece. I LOVE that Mecha anyways.

Oh, and biggest thing, of course, I changed the feet, I think they looked way too elephant-like/organic. Aw well, make it what you want.

Mine < > Yours

(there's some really weird stuff going on with my picture, I hope you can disregard it :| Incoherent shadows+shading and whatnot. I hope I wouldn't make those mistakes if I'd made it from scratch. Anyways, I'm simply trying to convey an idea with this edit. :3 And why did I choose such a worthless BGcolor? It blends with a lot of the colors of the mecha. Dangit.)
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Re: New avatar + Mecha

Reply #11 on: April 19, 2007, 09:15:41 am
I love your edit Jad, thanks alot =)

Gliding: Yup, your correct, I'll fix that.

And until I get my mech fixed, here's the first boss for my game with those rocks I made earlier :D

It's a vampire. The boss: He has two phases, vampire phase and demon phase. Every time 10% is cut of his health, he will turn invulnarable for a while, and send 5 blood
sucking bats towards you. These bats must be killed before they can suck your blood, if they are not, they will return to the Count and give him the blood. If you are sucked by 10 bats, he will be able to sacrifice the blood to a demon god he honors, and he will turn into a demon. This will make him twice as powerfull. (If he does not get infused with 10 bats before he reaches 20% of his health, he will automaticly turn into a demon.) So he always turns into a demon, atleast at 20%. But for example, if you get sucked by all bats at 80% of the counts health, he will then already turn into a demon, most undoubtetly killing you.

Only have the vampire form till now:

Running ofc =)
What's especially is bothering me, is a cape. How do capes move when you run?

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Re: New avatar + Mecha.......Just a dump actually.

Reply #12 on: April 19, 2007, 11:44:29 am
All comments about highlight it's right. Last you edit better, but still have some garbage on face and that give you problem with you light, it's look as bruise.
I hope this edit help you, I am not repaint you face, because it's your's )) just remove unnecessary pixel.

Now you may edit you form more correct - more cheek-bone, nose or something else.
And think about hair.  Dreads it's good idea, but realization a bit no good ;D