AuthorTopic: Pixel Art awarded a DD at dA  (Read 18535 times)

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Re: Pixel Art awarded a DD at dA

Reply #40 on: April 16, 2007, 06:28:20 am
The question is, Why does it have to be in deviantArt?
We are practically achieving all the points you mentioned in this place along with pixeljoint. I have no clue why you are so stubborn about dA, but you won't be going far as convincing matters go by simply throwing stuff and lacking reasonable statements to back them up.
It has already been mentioned that pointing here those that are willing to learn will work. If you were wanting to help people that want to get better at pixel art you would be understanding our points already, but all you want is to see something happen at dA.

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Re: Pixel Art awarded a DD at dA

Reply #41 on: April 16, 2007, 07:40:16 am
it shouldnt be others initiative to educate
it should be the individuals themselves to learn.

right now its like asking us to go into the middle of downtown and try to preach about pixelart..
most wont listen
alot of people will shrug you off
others will get grumpy for you even talking.

If you want us to go to dA to teach pixelart - thats not going to happen.
In order for people to learn they have to first be interested enough to listen.
If they take that interest, they will find here or pixeljoint much like you did.

this is a specialized art forum where you come delibertatly to learn/practice pixelart.
In any aspect of life - as soon as you get interested or good at something, you specialize into it. Whether it be a career/job, sport, or instrument, you find what you are interested in and go to that.
So if pixelart is whats interesting you or others then come to a specialized place.

dA is everything and anything.
its hard to fine tune anything specific when the board has such a wide horizon and cant focus on any one thing at once.

maby its just us though...
try conceptart or eatpoo. maby they might be more willing to help revolutionize the way natural and CG art go back at dA
::) hehe

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Re: Pixel Art awarded a DD at dA

Reply #42 on: April 16, 2007, 09:28:33 am
I don't see this topic going anywhere, replies are becoming redundant. To conclude what I got out of this topic before locking it: at deviantArt, Pixel Art clearly is misrepresented, considering the manifold professional work showcased in the other, more prominent categories as opposed to the misguiding contents and ignorance about what Pixel Art has to offer, obviously marked by fundamental differences in the demographics of the interest group in question (nothing new).
The two main points seem to be for one, that it's time to clean up with the fiasco, making the medium more accessible for other artists that do not yet know of it, which the dA environment would be suited for very well.
On the other hand, most people here at Pixelation opine that this place serves all the pixel artist's needs, making an effort to play missionary against the overwhelming (OVERWHELMING) masses of ignorance and self-sufficiency not worth it. This insulation might result in less potentially interested artists finding their way to a new hobby, but the place also already enjoys a very fine reputation among industry scouts, and if anybody really was interested in familiarzing themselves with the matter for the specific purpose of refining their skill so they can work with it, they will eventually find this place as a matter of consequence. Furthermore, it also draws appeal of many 'old-schoolists', rediscovering a passion.

If you're good and ready, prepared to cope with a lot of stupidity, submit your work to dA if you will. If it stands out and draws attention, fine, but do not expect anybody to join a crusade if they feel that they already have all they need. I don't see the Pixel Art community coming to any harm if we don't go recruiting into the lion's den. Egoistical? Maybe, but a lot better for your mental balance :).