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[Paid or Revshare] Pixel Artist Needed

on: September 19, 2019, 02:47:14 am
I'm a programmer and marketer looking for someone to draw pixel art (relatively low resolution sprite animations and tilesets, somewhat similar to Terraria). I'm open to either sharing revenue or paying on a per hour or completion basis. I'd prefer revenue sharing mainly because I will be requesting art over the period of at least half a year.

Game Overview

The most accurate description would be a combination of Terraria and Realm of The Mad God. The art and mechanics would resemble Terraria while the core gameplay concepts would resemble RotMG (Going into a pre-created world, killing enemies, going through dungeons, repeat).

There's a main world that will have 4 regions, with enemies increasing in strength that drop increasingly difficult dungeons that players can enter to fight bosses.

Currently, there are no games quite like this for mobile and any games remotely similar have awkward movement and overall bad design, so there's definitely room to fill.

What I have So Far

Being completely honest, this project is quite ambitious for me, so I checked to make sure I'd be able to complete it by setting up the frameworks. I've made a basic mobile client in Unity with a Node JS backend server hosted on AWS Lightsail. The mobile client has already been built to an Android device for testing and it works fine. I've set up movement syncing across clients and other basic features and I'm now fairly confident I have the ability to finish.


I've paid for some art instead of just placeholders, video below shows what I have. Although I can't really show it, everything is networked to the AWS server. Unfortunately, I wasn't completely satisfied with the art and I'm still looking for a dedicated team member.

What I'm looking for

To be more specific than the short intro I gave, I will need animated sprites for the players, enemies, and bosses and tilesets for each region of the world and each dungeon. To get quite an accurate idea of the feeling I'm going for, just google Terraria. I do not have a comprehensive list of everything I need so I will be requesting small batches of art over the course of around half a year. If you plan to be a partner, then this shouldn't be a problem. But if you want to be paid on completion / per hour, I expect that you to stay in contact for the development period and provide art when needed within a reasonable time frame.

Thank you for your interest!

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