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Concept/Special Effects Artist needed

on: August 31, 2019, 09:48:47 am
Job Description
Special/Visual Effects
Basically looking for an artist that has experience in making high resolution, detailed special effects that can exist in a pixel art-medium. Meaning, explosive fireballs, or level-up sequences that don't look out of place when used with pixel art. Note that for the animations, I intend to use as many frames as possible to ensure that the special effects are seamless and clean. I'll list some examples below.

Character Art Reference
Below will contain references for the character art.

Concept Artist
Looking for a concept artist that can draft up designs for an assortment of different monsters, hair types, map layouts, and clothing. The sketchings should be detailed enough to allow for the designs to be properly translated into Pixel/2D art design. Keep in mind that the designs are made with anime/shonen, and fantasy themes being the primary source of inspiration. If you're comfortable with these genres, do let me know.

Discord: Atomix#5057
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