AuthorTopic: [PAID] First Time Solo Dev Seeking Pixel Artist for Tileset (15-20 sprites)  (Read 1906 times)

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Hi all,

My name is Nicholas Gonzalez and I'm a first time game developer looking to hire an artist to create a tileset for my currently untitled game, a mobile turn-based stealth game wherein a mystic archer navigates a board avoid stormtrooper-like patrolling enemies. The game takes place in an ancient forest where magic still exists, but in very small amounts. Tonally, the game is dark and shadowy with small pockets of light.

I can provide more detailed descriptions of what I'm seeking but essentially I just need 7 32x32 ground tiles and then around 8-13 sprites of trees, plant life, and rocks. Additionally, I can provide screenshots of the game over email; I would include all of this here, but the files were too big to post :blind:. Happy to pay a fair price for quality and if I find we have a good working relationship and the artist is seeking more work, I will be hiring for character design/animation in the near future!

As for payment, I prefer to negotiate an upfront price that will paid 50% upfront, 25% on first draft, and the final 25% after one revision, if one is needed at all. I expected to pay around $200 USD for these sprites but am flexible on that price (and method of payment) given different offers! Feel free to reach out to me at if you'd like to work together!