AuthorTopic: Where do you want to be in 5 years - artistically and professionally?  (Read 14578 times)

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as a dino person, i feel robot dinos are more robot for exactly those reasons, but I think it may be an issue of semantics

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Artistically: Wow, I'm pretty much were I'd like to be for a few years now. I'm confident in my skills, I accepted my style. What I need is a lot of study, experience, and what not. That could take well over 5 years though. I'll probably wander into 3D sometime soon...

Professionally: Graduated from college. That's all. Maybe finish a game already, maybe not... I plan on finishing this bachelor (applied informatics), but I'll probably do another one afterwards, so I don't know if I'll graduate within 5 years. I'm 21 already, so I'd better I guess...

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Artistically: Being able to draw people quickly and easily would be a huge plus. As would understanding about how light hits objects more intuitively. and the whole, getting better at anatomy colour theory and shading business.

Professionally: Finishing a small game by the end of this year, wowing people at the ANU (university) with my portfolio and taking a course in digital arts. after that working on final fantasy games intill i die of exhaustion (and happiness). thats the plan!

Oh and Robots > Dinos.

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