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Hello Everyone, My name is Mathieu Martin, internet name VestaOrion! I am the leader of a small team who wishes to become a full fledged indie company who will focus on 2D RPGs. We are a complete team(almost!) With a lead director/writer and game balancer(think enemies and items and skills) who is me, another of my friend who is an amazing coder and a professional level musician with 10+ years of experience.

Currently we are working on a project named Code Paradox Remix, right now we are working on our own without a full time artist and make due with Quid pro quo, (exchange of services) we are kind of tired to not have somebody on our team that has a permanent spot like all of us, thus we decided to make this announcement calling for an artist to have a spot on our team.

-Game is 60% complete with the skeleton of the game fully realized.

Skill Required + Conditions:
-Pixel artist capable of tileset work and Sprite work (along with spell animations)
-10 hours of work per week, the rest of the time you can do your freelance work
-Rev share equal among the entire team meaning you make 25% like everybody
-Contract must be signed along with an NDA
-Bonus work over the 10 hour mark in a week counts as overtime and may lead to a Bonus if loyalty to the team is maintained.

Game Info:

Contact me at: Discord  VestaOrion#6906

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