AuthorTopic: A first go at a character: animated spaceman.  (Read 439 times)

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Re: A first go at a character: animated spaceman.

Reply #10 on: June 16, 2019, 08:14:19 pm
Thanks! That's all really useful stuff. I'll have a play with the foot movement in the run to see if I can remove the judder.

Jump: you're probably right. I like the animation, but it probably won't work for a platformer. I'll see what I can do with something like a push off from one leg and a raised knee on the other...

Breathing: I'd worked out that I needed extra rest frames in there, but I'm a little bit limited by my editor (Pyxel Edit) and laziness. Adding extra frames is an annoying task, which I'm happy to leave until I get to the Unity animator (where it's really easy.) I hadn't worked out that the sequence was wrong though, I'll have a play. There was something that bothered me and it could easily be that.

Scanning: I tried shortening the reflection but I couldn't manage to make it look convincing. It came across a bit flickery, but there may be some options I haven't tried. I might try halting the movement and making it less intense at the extremes as well, as it annoys me that it gets so near to the edge of the visor for some reason. It could help suggest a shape as well, like a glass visor that protrudes a bit from the front of the helmet.