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(UNPAID) I'm Looking for a Sprite Animator


So I need a sixteen-bit pixel sprite animator, for a game I'm making (still in planning) called Project-Glitched (for now).  To put it briefly, it's a side-scrolling action platformer about you playing as an antivirus, defending the computer against a gang of viruses that want to cause havoc.  That being said, I need someone to help me bring some of these characters to life, I already have someone who is doing tiles and background, but doesn't really know how to animate.  Something along the lines of this tile png and maybe someone could maybe fit that style.

Edit: If you would like to join I have a link to the website where I see applications
Edit 2: If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me in discord.  Cryptic#4758


Here's more art:


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