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Hi everyone, my name is John and I speak in name of Sword Garden Studios. We are a small team working on our first game and we need some assist with some puzzles.

We currently need 28 levels or puzzles and after some cosideration we have decided to get someone to work with us.

The design process is quite simple we start with a grid and having in mind the mechanics we draw the path that the player goes thourgh. is  2D game so things are easy in that regard. We will provide more information about the mechanics, how the game works and size of the grid as soon as we have someone ready to accept.

We only require the design on paper (a jpg/png will also do of course), $13/h is our limit but we are ina bit of a hurry so we also offer a plus of $25 if all puzzles are completed in 5h or less.

Here are some examples of what is required:

Send your aplication and a test based on that image, the size you want:

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