AuthorTopic: 8-Bit Butt Ugly Martians (Final post)  (Read 1291 times)

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8-Bit Butt Ugly Martians (Final post)

on: May 16, 2019, 04:36:36 am
Hey everyone, so I made one unique idle pose for each of the three characters and a running animation for the yellow martian character. I game genre is set in a run and gun game, using the 8 bit Super Mario Bros as a base for all the characters, taking a little inspiration from Megaman.

I'd meant to draw a shooting pose, but it looked too terrible.

These are the characters:
Two huge images:

I used this image to figure out how to draw their bodies better:

Yellow Martian:

Blue Martian (This one didn't turn out so good):

Red Martian:

Thank you to everyone who I ever spoke to or who ever helped me. You were all great and I'll always remember what a supportive and friendly community you all were, not just to me, but to each other as well.

Unfortunately, drawing and preparing for pixel art is taking up too much of my time, but it's been a fantastic experience to see such gifted group of people.