AuthorTopic: Calzone's Adventure - 2D Pixel Platformer  (Read 2501 times)

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Calzone's Adventure - 2D Pixel Platformer

on: April 26, 2019, 07:46:52 am
Hello, hello :)
I wanted to share my first game with all of you and hope to get some feedback.
Here I want to mainly focus on the art side of the game. I'm still pretty unexperienced when it comes to pixel art. While I've always been interested in making 2D graphics, I never put in the time to learn and improve, which I regret today, but I guess starting late is better than never.
The graphics in this game are the result of a few pixelart tutorials I've watched and after that I pretty much dove straight into making the game.
I made four tilesets, one for each of the zones. The game was made in Unity and I've mostly used Pyxel Edit to make the graphics. It's not 100% pixel perfect, but as close as I could possibly get it in Unity without going completely insane.
Everything together took about 1000 hours, including most of the coding and all the level design and of course the graphics. (I didn't make the music though). That's probably way too much time for such a game (maybe not?), but I had to figure out most of the stuff as I went through development, so hopefully the next project will be a bit faster.
There's so much more that I wanted to do with the graphics and so much more I could've done, I'm sure. But I set myself a strict time limit when the game should be done, so I quickly realized I had to cut corners as I had to do basically everything by myself.
The only graphics I didn't make completely by myself is the cat sprite (although I modified it a lot), some of the cat animations (which I'm sure look a bit weird as they're based on a different sprite) and the first boss sprite.
I used the endesga-16 palette (, which was chosen because I had to restrict myself to finish the game in time. Also because I'm a beginner and working with so many more colors seemed really daunting. So starting with a simple, premade palette was hopefully the right choice for a first project like this.
If you want to check it out for yourself, here's the link where you can download the full version for free:
Here's a quick gameplay video:
And some more screenshots:

The last screen (map) isn't pixel perfect, because of Unity and the different camera settings I used in menus and gameplay. It looks fine ingame.

Thanks for looking :)