AuthorTopic: Pixel Artists Wanted For A 2D Platformer About An Alien With A Spitting Problem  (Read 1216 times)

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Pixel Artist Job Advert

You fell to earth, years ago.
You fell on a farm in Midwest America, miles from civilisation.
You fell on Ambers farm, when she was just eight years old.
And hour by hour, inch by inch, she pulled you from the wreckage.

Over the years you grew up together - you recovered, while she turned nine, and then ten. You journeyed the woods together, every day an adventure, every day something new.
You were the best of friends. 
And then one early morning the soldiers came, and that was the last you saw of Amber.

Now you wake up in a lab, with scientists experimenting on you.
Now they have your pieces. They’ve stolen from you. Taken what makes you powerful.
Now that you’ve escaped, you’re going to take it all back.
Now you’re going to leave the lab far behind, and return home, to where Amber will be waiting.


Project Amber is a 2D platforming game where you play as goopy, an alien captured by scientists, and use various strange abilities to outwit your would-be captors and escape the lab in which you’ve been incarcerated.

As you go, you will discover more about yourself - about your lost memories, about this lab, and about it’s leader, Snarkula, and what he wants with your pieces.  A puzzle game at it’s heart, Project Amber is about combining strange abilities to their greatest effect. Goopy can encase enemies in jelly, pull himself long distances with a grabbing tongue, cling to the walls and even melt through walls - but if Goopy combines these, he can bounce across levels, access impossible heights, and pull apart the terrible machines sent after him like they were confetti.

Alongside a tongue grab that Goopy can use to fling himself across rooms or pull boxes or enemies from platform, and his stone skin that Goopy can use to survive attacks, Goopy will gain access to six further bizarre abilities throughout the game - regaining his powers until he’s finally ready to return home.


The first thing that Team Amber are hoping to create as a team is a show level for this game - a level to demonstrate the potential we feel the game has, and hopefully allow us to create the full game in the future. To help in that process we’re looking for pixel artists, to help create unique, animated sprites for the main character and a few others. Ideally you won’t be doing too much work - we want to spread the work thin, and already have background assets in development, as well as various sprites for enemies.

For a little context of the quality of sprites we’re looking for, this is one of the backgrounds we have so far.


A talent for pixel art and animating sprites.

That’s it.

Ideally You Would Also Have

Experience on working on other games.

Yeah it’s not a long list.

If you are interested in the role, or would like to chat about it further, then drop us an email at . If we like the sound of you then we’ll organise a chat!