AuthorTopic: ($30) Need concept art for video game.  (Read 1522 times)

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($30) Need concept art for video game.

on: February 23, 2019, 09:07:49 am
We are looking for some concept art for our Colosseum video game, where-in, you the player fight along side other players.
The player can move in 8 directions, but have only 4 facing directions. We are looking for a 32 by 32 pixel size.
We need the main characters 2D sprite to have the following attributes. Think gladiator/slave/barbarian or other.

He needs to have a shield similar in shape to Link's Shield from Zelda example below.
Must have armor on one arm and nothing on the other arm (or something that will help differentiate what direction he will be moving in)
Long hair, possibly with braids or neat helmet
No eyes preferably shown
Aladdin like pants or flared hip protectors like a samurai armor might have.
Possible Beard
and Sword

Obviously i don't want to stifle creativity so if you think you have something worth looking at please submit the idea.

$30 will be given to the chosen design via paypal after a period of 1 month from the 1st entry and announced via this thread.
You can submit as many entry's as you like.

We enjoy this pixel art as a reference to what we may be looking for, thank you.

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