AuthorTopic: [UNPAID] Looking for a pixel artist who speaks German  (Read 1234 times)

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[UNPAID] Looking for a pixel artist who speaks German

on: February 15, 2019, 08:48:28 pm
Hello and good morning/day/evening, I am Sebastian.

My friend, called Igor, and I are working on an Indie RPG since 2 years. Because we both still go to school, we are only able to work every Friday on the game. We use Discord to communicate.
It is based on the Mario & Luigi series (especially the turn-based battle system, which emphasizes timing and more elaborate attacks). So the artstyle we chose is inspired by it as well.
To give you a little taste of what we have to offer, we have created a dropbox with some sprite/music files as well as a document of two chapters in the story. It is in German, because we’re specifically looking for a pixel artist who speaks fluid German, as mentioned in the subject line. We work with GameMaker-Studio 1.4 and Aseprite.

The link for the dropbox is as following:

You should be at least 14 years old and well-versed with any kind of sprites (battle sprites, overworld/interior sprites, etc.).
If you decide that you want to work with us, we first have to test your skills, by having you make a sprite for one of our sketches. The style should obviously be similar to the one of the sprite in the dropbox. Once you work longer with us and win our trust, we’re going to give you access to the full dropbox. This is to prevent from ideas being stolen.

To say it again, the project is unpaid and a hobby. The people who worked with us will be in the credits and if the game does good we will also take charity.

If you have any questions, you can get a hold of me through my e-mail and my Discord Ramen Seb#9727

Best wishes