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School Project (small).

on: January 18, 2019, 02:33:50 pm
Hi there.

A friend of mine and me have to make a school project. We're trying to make a game, but we realized that drawing on a computer is actually harder than we thougt. We both suck hard at it and nobody even knows what we're trying to draw. We wanted to ask if theres somebody who would help us a bit. we'd need 1 Map background (A town, with, 3 "Lanes"), 1 guy with blonde hair on a scooter (children scooter, those without motors), 1 drunken girl with long blond-brown hair, 1 trash can, 1-3 car's. We could pay about 10 Dollars (I dont know why we dont get more money from school, others got about 40 dollars(1 swiss "Franken" = 1 Dollar)). Contact me if you'd like to help us.  :y:

Thanks, have a nice day.