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Seeking Anime Style Pixel Artist.[PAID]


*Note: Please do not take this job unless you are absolutely sure you can fulfill it. In the past, I seem to come into contact with a lot of people who promise but cannot deliver--causing us to waste our time, energy and money.

We are looking for someone who is confident they can work with what we are asking. If you're unsure, it may be better to skip this job opening--thanks.

Now please--read on.*

Seeking 2D PIXEL artist


This is a fan project, the subject matter of which is Dragon Ball Super.

The game is a 2/3rds top-down action adventure title. Art would reflect as much.This is a paid job with 2 phases. The first phase will be us selecting an artist to work with moving forward by hiring one or more artists to do character mockups (in other words, this is/may be a competitive job).

Stage 2 of the project is for the artist(s) we select to create art more art for the game. Stage 2 relates to an on-going part-time job over the next couple of months and we'd like to meet someone who can create art assets on a bi-daily or tri-daily basis in order to meet our goals. Ideally, you'd be-- at minimum-- able to create assets at least once every 3 days or sooner, if you aren't able -- this may not be the opportunity for you.

(We're being pretty strict about this. While we are understanding of "life happens" situations, ghosting, excuses and general immaturity won't really be tolerated. We're being completely upfront about our situation, expectations and if you apply we expect the same to get work done effectively. So, once again please take note of this.)

Also to be clear-- we aren't looking to monopolize your time or energy. We need simple, clean, good looking pixel art. It's important for you, as the artist to be comfortable making this style so that you can do so efficiently. This isn't a studio production -- simply a labor of love on our part which we are willing to pay for. Due to that, it's imperative that you be able to create art assets (or communicate effectively if there is an issue) so that we don't spend a great deal of your time or energy working on something that would be counterproductive to you making money effectively.

The Job:
Here is a summary of what we are looking for in artists:

* The ability to communicate honestly. This is a big one. We aren't looking to be told what we want to hear, we aren't unreasonable and we value honesty. At the end of the day that's what helps us both get what we want out of the deal. If something isn't your cup of tea--let us know. Avoiding us for 3 days because you're stressing about something you agreed to do, but later figured out wasn't your forte isn't really acceptable. Telling us it's not your thing is perfectly fine. This mentality is the bare minimum requirement for taking this job.
* The ability to follow instructions. This seems like a given, but in the past we've worked with artists who, for some reason, seem to get very upset that they can't do things "their own way". This is odd to us, considering we're hiring you for a service. Usually, we have a good reason for the way we want things done. We would like to work with someone that realizes and can honor that-- and won't take it personal if we have a clear idea of how we want our work structured. This is also a bare minimum for accepting work on this project.
* No 2D line art--pixel art only. No worries, the art assets you'll be making won't require a ton of detail or shading. We want clean, simple, good looking art assets--they just need to be done in pixel art style.
* Must be comfortable with human animation work. The mockups won't require a animations, but should you be hired -- some of the other character work will(such as throwing punches or kicks,walking,etc). It's highly recommended that, in order to make the most out of this opportunity, you be comfortable with animating.
* Character Frame Size is 48x48 in dimension. The price for each frame is 1-3$ depending on subject matter. As such, this is why we are looking for someone who is comfortable working within the art style. Because the price is relatively low, we aren't asking for a great deal of detail or time spent on each piece. We just need good looking, clean art. Our focus is to build this in a way that takes small amounts of time for both us and you as the artist.
* We are open to you using your own "style" as long as it is 1) Anime and 2) Resembles something you'd see in the Dragon Ball universe somewhat. In other words, we don't expect you to match the artwork of a seasoned mangaka or anything unreasonable like that.
Payment Options:

* Paypal (Fastest)
* Cashapp (May take upwards of 3-5 days to transfer and send funds).
* Open to other types of funds transfer.
To give you an idea of the kind of art that would make us happy, if you could create similar to this look/aesthetic in a 48x48 size character frame  - then you'd be a great fit for the project.

We prefer to maintain contact via discord.
It's an app that can be used via mobile or PC.
Inbox for contact info.

Thanks for your time and attention reading.

You're very demanding for 1-3$/frame :o

Demanding? No. We just know what we're looking for.

Assuming it takes you 10 mins to make 1 3$ frame and you're making 6-10 3$ frames in an hour, that's roughly 30$ or so in an hour.

Sure, starting out, when creating something like a character base from scratch similiar to this (which is something another artist created and very close to the look we're going for-albeit smaller in size for efficiency):

IT may take a little longer. Once all the basics of the character base are done , you then simply have to dress your character and add things like hair. That's significantly less.

Creating things like simple turf sets for 1-2$ a 32x32 frame, once again nothing with a huge amount of detail, simple, clean is also way more lucrative.

But the reality is--if anything we've said here seems to ruffle your feathers, I invite you to look at it from a less personal aspect.

We're don't desire to waste your time or energy at all, which is why we're completely up front about our intentions. If anything about this job request turns you off, we wouldn't want you applying just as much as you wouldn't want to apply. This isn't a situation where we're seeking (or desiring) to slave press someone into work.

Quite the opposite. Wanting to perform the job is just as important as ability.

If you think you would have a hard time making money at creating simple, clean looking art for this job--chances are you might. Other artists may not. If you can't see yourself doing an acceptable amount of work with this, then by all means pass us by. That's not meant to turn you off or anything. This is simply what we're working in / within. There are many artists doing far more--for free, we're working within our budget to get this game made -- nothing more.

let me meet this guy who can make 10 frames of finalized art with clothes and all in 1 hour lol

I've met quite a few actually (usually dealing with animated characters). And have had the pleasure of working with a few as well.

But the 10 frames i referenced were some simple turf art.

Nothing complex. I think you guys are projecting quite a lot if I'm being honest, which is pretty common.

Some artists get burned so bad that they have issues trusting anyone--and that's fine.

We really aren't here to defend ourselves against boogeymen in your head (nor should anyone have to really).

If you're interested, feel free to shoot a message. If not, no harm no foul.

We won't take disinterest personally (trust me on this).


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