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So, a bit to say about this one.

This is a recreation of an old sprite I made (turned out horribly). This time I sketched out what I wanted, several times.

The piece that I made may look like some sort of pallette swap of the character from GunSmoke, an NES game.
I'm proud to say that this is completely coincidental. The bad part is that by the time I sketched out the pose, I decided to dig through my collection of sprite sheets just to get in the mood of drawing pixel art, and I ended up noticing how similar the sprites were potentially going to look. Either way, I didn't feel bad. I felt good knowing that I designed an anatomical pose.

There were some things I omitted from my final design, like the black balls that connect MM's joints. I tried to incorporate them, by my attempts kept making the parts, like the legs, disjointed, or disfigured.

Megaman Volnutt:

My Sketches (The bottom left one is the pose I made into pixel art): HUGE IMAGE

My Piece:

Link to GunSmoke sprite [if you're interested]:

it doesnt read as a "top down" (or 3/4 with some perspective like in gunsmoke) sprite for me that much. more like a sideview, especially with all the horizontal lines and the huge feet.
the gunsmoke sprites have a lot of foreshortening going on, with makes the heads huge and the legs and feet tiny. not sure if you want to go for that, that way they are a lot more readable and can fit more detail for hats and stuff. the shadow also helps to give a sense of perspective.

my quick edit:

Thanks Pyxelbit. I've got a front view perspective pose to try with MM Volnutt, so I'll give that a try, using your sprite as reference (it's still gonna be in 8-bit color scheme, though).

All right, next pose.

My Sketches: HUGE IMAGE
The sketches to pay attention to are the ones with text written next to them. Don't worry about reading the text. Those were just instructions for me.

My Piece:
This is just meant to be MegaMan standing still - not moving. Remember, I wasn't using any established video game gameplay for inspirations for any of these poses. The knees might look bad for the sake of a forward-facing shooting pose.

Made the feet smaller. I just wasn't sure how to make those feet look good at first.


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