AuthorTopic: [REVSHARE] need pixel artist/ artists for my first game project  (Read 1945 times)

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Hi, my name is Phant0mX and I've been trying to create a Action Platformer game for the past month now and Ive decided i need real pixel art instead of the free assets or ugly creations i myself have made in place for coding purposes. I don't quite have a title for the game and a lot of things aren't named yet but the premise of the game is as follows:

Feel free to skip this this is just the premise of the story, no bearing on the art i need.

One day dungeons started appearing in the world, and day by day more and more dungeons continued to appear, but this happened centuries ago. Now in present day the world is full of dungeon conquerors, whether is be for fame, glory, money, etc, there is a dungeon out there to be conquered. Dungeons in this world seem to follow a few key rules:
1. Once entered the dungeon must be defeated there is no returning.
2. A dungeon can be entered as a party however each and every dungeon only gives out reward to one and one adventurer only.
3. A dungeon cannot be reconquered, meaning regardless if you beat it yourself or in a party you will never enter this dungeon again.
4. Dungeons have their own spacial dimension, this means that no matter who entered the dungeon before you or who enters after you, the dungeon will appear has it did when it first appeared.
5. So far it seems that no dungeon requires you to have beaten another dungeon to progress within it.

In this world there is a region on the land of beginnings as for years of adventurers passing by it has been claimed that all the dungeons in this region except for one are deemed the easiest dungeons in the world, making it an excellent area for beginning adventurers to start their journey.
One day a female adventurer who hails from this region decides to begin her adventure, starting with the forest dungeon!.

At this point in time I have a good amount of the game coded such as player movement and attacks, as well as some enemy AI setup, no hit boxes yet so can't kill anything.

Now for what I need

It would be awesome if I can get a pixel artist that's willing to work with me till the end of the project, but that might be unrealistic.
so for now this is what I realistically need

A female adventurer spritesheet

There are some more stuff I need plus other details but I don't wanna make this a long post so if you have any questions or are interested in helping, or want to play or see the game's work in progress feel free to contact by emailing me at, or on discord at Phant0mX#8033.

Also although this is currently unpaid I plan on making a serious game demo out of this, and hopefully use it to make a kickstarter or some sort of way to help get starting funding on this game, so if this game makes any money whatsoever we will share revenue.

Thank you for reading this!

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Re: [REVSHARE] need pixel artist/ artists for my first game project

Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 12:19:12 am
do you have concept art how will look the female adventure?
some reference images how your game should look like

these rules will be for some multiplayer purposes?