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Gryphon animation



I need some feedback on this. Thanks in advanced.


Update 2:

Stello, I just saw Knights of Tartarus on steam, looking good, congrats :y:

The gait looks a little jumpy on the hind legs? Don't know much about quadruped gait but I suppose you have some reference for this one? Maybe the head on the last update could use a little more mane like the sketchs, but I like it in general and it fits the style.

The latest update ( Update 2 ) looks beautiful !

The two older versions also look very nice. The only issue I see concerning those two is that I can not tell if it's a gryphon, manticore or some other type of chimera, since the tail looks a bit like a snake and the head is not a clear bird's face. Update 1 also has a better leg animation than the first.


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