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My first pixel art and run cycle


Hello, this is my first attempt at pixelart and animation. Found this forum while researching and loved it, it seems like a wonderful community that I want to be part of.
I created this character with a 2D sidescroller in mind, but since it's such low res I'm struggling to get the leg animation to appear fluid, specially so with switching the back and foreground legs...
I didn't start animating the rest of the sprite yet, so arms and body aren't moving yet.

looks cool, but it would look better with upper body movement?

The legs seem to be dangling from the tip of the skirt, when they should be attached higher. I recommend adding clothing after you've got the basic motion down.

Also, seconding appleblin. The upper body movement is crucial, so I recommend animating the whole body, at least roughly, or the legs will never look quite right.


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