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Re: 8-Bit Overworld Green Lantern

Reply #10 on: November 08, 2018, 02:11:17 am
Quote from: Ryumaru
In my experience, focusing/working on a single piece for an extended period gets me stuck, unable to see what's wrong with it and how I could make it evolve. If I stay away from that project and I don't look at it for some time (can be a couple days), when I come back to it every little misplaced detail becomes obvious, and I can start progressing again.
So what I do is I work on two or three small projects in parallel so my focus follows a "rotation" and I can see each piece with a fresh pair of eyes ^^ (I recommend this really interesting conference which also talks about this).

You're both right, Zanorin. The problem with me is I've never edited a sprite before. I move on to a new idea. But it's about time I settle on a single project for once cuz if you look through all my attempts (which I'm not expecting you to or anything), I pretty much have the exact same problems. But rotating 2 or 3 projects would make me happy, but I'll try that out once I can actually make something good.

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Re: 8-Bit Overworld Green Lantern

Reply #11 on: November 08, 2018, 09:39:27 am
Alright got it.
@thesydneylad actually I have seen mots of your attempts when you originally posted them, and I agree on the fact that they share the same issues. And clearly, never coming back to edit your own unfinished piece isn't gonna help you progress.
So either you feel like doing two pieces in parallel (and in the end, abandon none of them !) in an incremental fashion, or you feel like working on only one project for now, in which case you should take a break when you feel stuck, but always coming back to it so you can actually progress and not restart from scratch everytime.
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