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Re: [WIP]Anatomy Piece-Post

Reply #10 on: December 24, 2006, 01:26:35 am
worth a try..

Notice the blue lines.. forget the red..

God forgive him for his sins I know its was his last minute, You spread his wings so he can only fly.. He will allways be a legend in our hearts and legends never die..

R.I.P Tose Proeski ~Senad

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Re: [WIP]Anatomy Piece-Post

Reply #11 on: December 24, 2006, 07:18:03 am
"I would try to learn anatomy, but I hate doing realistic pieces, it is way to limited IMO."

This is bullshit, chief.  I'm calling you out on this one.  Every pixel artist here worth their salt is as stylish and stylized as you could ever want, and they ALL know their anatomy inside and out (literally).  You can only create good stylish art after you have mastered the fundamentals of realistic art.  Style is a perversion of reality (or an enhancement - I'm not using perversion in the pejorative sense here), but it can only succeed if you understand what it is that you are modifying or adding style to.

Basically, you're right, realism does limit you - but a lack of knowledge about artistic reality will limit you more than you can possibly imagine!  LEARN YOUR ANATOMY.  If you can't afford or get access to life drawing sessions then find some Hogarth or Loomis at your library or bookstore to get started.  Dig through old National Geographics for great bodies and faces of all shapes, colors and sizes.  Picasso didn't just start painting some crazyass cubes one day; he was an accomplished realist painter hailed as a prodigy for his understanding of light and form and anatomy.  THEN he went to arguably the farthest edge of stylization that can be imagined.

When you can positively identify the deltoids, or the latissimus dorsi, or the trapezius, or the obliques, then start munging about with pixels and color theory and anti-aliasing.  Otherwise you're gonna be fighting a battle on 5 fronts, and history is not on your side :P

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Re: [WIP]Anatomy Piece-Post

Reply #12 on: December 24, 2006, 04:43:06 pm
that was beautiful..  ;)
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