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Re: Random thingers

Reply #10 on: September 19, 2005, 02:27:46 pm
The totem pole is really good for the monochrome palette, I think you did that really well.

Also the three last pieces are really outstanding. Awesome work.

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Re: Random thingers

Reply #11 on: September 20, 2005, 09:41:20 pm
You were whiteeyewide, on pixelation before the crash, right?

that sounded so cute XD "the" crash, like there's only been this one crash in pixelation :p god I even stopped counting.

whiteye wide? gah. I hate this. I have the feeling I know you but I dont know what I know you for.

I like...remember your name, but not exactly what pics you did, or who you were =/ but I must've liked something you did to remember you. I probably have a few of your pcs in my pc.

anyways, judging from what you got here, you certainly must've done something I liked 'cause I'm loving all this stuff. how come I never find these cool topics on my own? I had to stalk mr.buttcrack over there to reach this Doll goodness.

Love your stuff, the color choices the everything, I've never been much of a fan of iso, so I'm not realy caring for that stuff :p, the dolls are awesome, they each have their personality, their own unique little pallete and you just have to love the bizarre chick with eyebags and flesh-horns.

I say go dolls as long as there's not some art theft-mess involved. there always seems to be some kind of art theft mess involved in edit-based comunities :p (I say that because I used to go to megaman ones....bleugh)

the totem is pretty amazing (tho it isnt very totem-ish :p), it has this sort of dreamy quality..I really like it.

oh, and dont give up on animation, belive me I know what you mean when you say it's a drag. nothing's more boring than redrawing the same detail over....and over...and over....and over again for like 15 frames. BUT if you just tone down the detail, and go with 2-shades things, or preferably sillouethes( somewhat like my avatar but whitout the weird flashyness and the mirror images), you can just let your mind go wild with the movement and it's a complete blast.

I have absolutley no clue what you could ever be intimidated about around here. hope it's not my fault with all my nit-picking and such :p

keep it  up