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Reply #20 on: December 13, 2006, 03:05:28 pm
What was your intention with this piece?

If you want the actual reason, this is actually a relatively old piece (don't hit me) I made for one of the boards that appeared after pixelation died, I forgot it's name; however it was sort of elitist;

If your art wasn't up to a certain "quality" a.k.a "hurts to look at" it would get  "swamped" which means I got placed in "the swamp" which generaly meant the mods didn't find you skilled enough;

With an "elitist" (there were good reasons behind it, really.) approach to posters like that, It was obvious I had to make a piece  that could survive the swamp, yet hurting to look at at the same time;

And it didn't get swamped, which means it was succesfull;

I just ran into it when browsing through my photobucket, and decided it was awesome enough to share with the people who hadn't seen it during it's days of glory.


Now to give this topic more meaning, here's something I've been working on that -could- actually use c&c

The leftmost Frogatto (green guy) was my first sprite ever :'D I'm still amazed I managed to save that all these years.

a few words: I reduced most of them to 16 colours; the old guy has around 25 colours in the picture uploaded, however the one saved on my computer right now has 16 colours, so that's not really anything that requires mentioning anymore.

Critism should only be about the 5 guys on top, because obviously the bottom two rows aren't sprites I plan to uhh. . "fix"

Hopefully this makes my topic more meaningfull

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Re: Love

Reply #21 on: December 13, 2006, 05:48:30 pm
bizarre motives... how peculiar... I find you MO rather puzzling... you can obviously pixel - so why the subtifuge...

interesting sprites in the end... but i'm not gonna comment on them specifically here... I might set up another thread elsewhere with some odd color cycling bizarro thing wait a few days... then do some c7c on this thread... linking back to it obviously...

just to keep you on your toes...

<utterly confused...>

over and out...
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