AuthorTopic: How can i about altering this (outdoor) sprite to create a (indoor) tile?  (Read 1929 times)

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The following images are from a video game project i am working on, do note however that the second image (the one with the poor line-art) is only there as concept art, the final product will (hopefully!) look much different than it does in the concept art.

Some information about the sprite:

Drawn in: Game Maker: Studio
Size: 32 x 32
Internal name: spr_streetgrass10 (if mirrored it is spr_streetgrass11)

This game is being created for this years "Scare Me Shakeless" game jam.

And with that being said,

...What are your ideas?

- scyfer175
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Guessing this thread is empty because the members here had mama's who taught them not to say anything if they don't have anything nice to say.  You gotta bring more to the table than a single muddy tile and a drawing of a rectangle.
Looking to collaborate.  Hit me up, especially if you are a GM programmer, or if you just have some sweet ideas.

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I'd say it's more that it's hard to tell what you actually want, OP. What is that tile meant to be? The title is "streetgrass" but is the tile a kerb, or a whole street, and where's the grass, where's the street? It might look good in context, but as just a tile, it doesn't read at all. What is the drawing meant to be? Even though it's "concept art", it's not doing a good job of conveying the concept, at least to people who don't already know what you're going for.
And what do you mean by "altering" the tile? Why not create new tiles according to what you need? Moreover, one tile does not make for an environment. Perhaps you should make (and show us) a bunch of outdoors tiles first, so you (and potential feedback-givers) have a sense of what your environments are like?

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I'm in the same boat as eishiya. It's just not clear to me what the underlying question is. What sort of indoor tile do you want? What feel are you going for? Creating an attempt to give us an idea would be helpful. Additionally, the tile shown appears to be from a side-view platformer whereas the room outline is top down.

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I think there's a common misconception that you can start from one tile, add another, then another, and little by little you'll build an extensive tileset that covers the need of every RPG.

In reality, a background artist should be able to draw an entire map / screen / mockup, and *during this process*, some repeating patterns can be defined as one or more tiles (ex single tile, 2x1, 1x2)

You may be content to refine a single tile until it's beautiful, but it will look drab if you have to repeat it 100 times on the same screen (having no other graphics to show)