AuthorTopic: PROGRAMMER seeking an ARTIST to help with THEIR Game. Open To Suggestions  (Read 393 times)

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  • I'm Avid. I make games and enjoy development.
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Hello, Avid here.

I'm normally on here purchasing work from artists but today I thought I'd try something a little different.
I normally provide my services programming for others, but I'm willing to work trade-lance with an artist under the right circumstances.

What this means is -- I provide programming for your game, while you provide art for me on even terms. (That means we come to a deal that both of us can agree to, communicate honestly with one another without all the subterfuge or manipulation--and actually get great things done.)

In terms of whether it's a "for profit" (potential payment), upon completing/releasing the game we would both sign legal documents 50/50 share or otherwise negotiated depending on the work situation. For example, sometimes I often act as lead project developer which is a whole other job aside from programming. If that's the case, obviously the potential share would be different. Once again, no funny business on my end and I respect the same, we will honestly, fairly hammer these details out.

A bit about me:

I have experience working in a lesser-known language called DM (about 5-6 years), which is great for making multiplayer online games quickly. I have minor experience with HTML,CSS and Javascript.

I also have limited experience working with/in Unity.  Ideally, I prefer working on anime styled or themed games (not necessarily fan games, just anime themed) , but I'm open to other things if it interests me.

I'm currently working from home, and also developing games, one of my current projects (which can be played) is called Kage : Rise of The Tengu. It is a naruto inspired action adventure game. It has been put together with a budget of about 400$ total in about 2 years (mostly recreated this year after my PC died unexpectedly). You can check that out if you like

I'm not willing to work with just anyone, in fact I am extremely selective with my time and energy. If I were to agree to this it would have to have a good chance of completion on the project. The person or persons I work with will need to be -- at minimum:
  • Realistic. People who have little experience developing games often quit, because they aren't prepared to work consistently over a long period of time. If you can't make this time investment, we should probably not work together (simply because it will save both our time and energy).
  • Honest. It's important to drop all pretenses when working in a team. Ego destroys teams. So does lack of communication.
  • Motivated. If you are the type of person who can only complete work when you feel others are working as well--you might not be suited to develop games. I generally do a ton of programming in one sitting, and some days I program 10 hours straight--it really just depends on the task. Art may take decidedly longer on a consistent basis. If you misinterpret a lack of work and stall the project out, no one wins and vice versa, once again this may not be an opportunity for you.
  • Being extremely fickle is a detriment. All great artists are passionate, but the dark side to this is sometimes that the flame of creation flickers. You have to be able to produce work when you don't "feel" like it--sometimes, not all the times but sometimes.

Other than that, we can work out a work schedule, game document and create some good things. I'm open to game ideas of all types, genres and scopes.

Any other details we can discuss. Thanks for your time and attention.


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Hey, I'm interested in partnering.

My email:

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Hello! I am Lamplight and I am willing to join you in your partnership. I can do 8x8, 16x16, or 32x32 pixel art and animation. I don't have a game idea, but I am willing to work on one you already have, or we can make one together. We can talk more through email at or discord Prime#3191