AuthorTopic: [PAID] Indie Student Team Looking for Student Pixel Artist/Animator  (Read 5175 times)

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Inbox is full bro! I'll just apply in here.
My name's Gordon, I'm a trained multidisciplinary animator, I've been working in the industry for 2 years, and I've been practicing pixelart for nearly a decade. You can check out some of my stuff here: Included in this is work where I had to animate characters from existing sprites, work where I had to design sprites based on existing styles and character designs, and even a job where I designed the whole art style from the ground up, including character designs and story elements. I aim to be versatile, detail oriented, and creative with my work, and in my animations I have a strong focus on weight and dynamic action. Your project sounds like a great opportunity, I'm very experienced with platformers and working in your style should be a breeze. My rate is $25/hour USD, and I work very quickly. If you'd like to see some more of my work, including pixelart, observational drawing, design work, and more, you can check it out here:

Let me know what you think, I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.