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Looking For Pixel artist! (UNPAID)

on: August 09, 2018, 04:09:50 am
Hello! I'm New to pixelation, My name is Brown, and i'm looking for Creative Workers For my Awesome Game:
CREATION COSMIC! it's a magical And unique RPG without violence, Remarkable characters and Never seen before Story! I hope. The Story is like this:
In 2008, A mystical galaxy named “Creation cosmic” was created.

No one knows how it exists, and no one knew how to enter it.

The galaxy was separated into 2 planets: The Mystic Realm, and the Furry Kingdom.

No one Knew How to unite those two galaxies together.


A vortex Pulled the Citizens into it, and destroyed the entire Furry Kingdom apart!

What then? Well… it’s up to them….

You can contact me anytime (Literally) On discord as LuckyMallowCG #7986 or at my email!

But! I have a favor. Please Do not steal or edit My Ocs, Unless i give the rights to.

Stay Imaginary!

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