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[paid] pixel animation for web series

on: August 13, 2018, 11:09:13 pm
    1. Company title: Norwood Cheek
          2. Project title: 8-bit Series (temp title)
          3. Description of project: to create 3 minute NES style versions of new video games. Similar to what we did with 8-bit Cinema on youtube - retelling movies as an old school video game.
          4. Talent/Position requirements: I have one animator, but need another to jump in on a few episodes - each episode will need to be 3 minutes and the turn around is 2 weeks.
          5. Payment: $30/hour - but i do have a budget ceiling which we can discuss.
          6. Contact information:
          7. Whether the position is local only: you can work from the comfort of your home!

Please email me your questions or samples of your pixel art work/animation and hopefully we can work together.