AuthorTopic: Pixel Animators Needed for Smash-esque Platform Fighter  (Read 536 times)

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Hello everyone. My name is Darth Weegee, and I am representing a currently unnamed team who is creating a platform fighter by the name of Judgement Pillar.

Judgement Pillar is a platform fighter that takes a majority of it's inspiration from the Smash Bros. series. While several elements hail from Smash 4, some unique elements have been applied as well. An example of this is that heavy attacks, this game's version of Smash attacks, will change when fully charged. The charge can even be held until later, making for high risk/high reward kill options and potential kill setups.

Fighters are also designed with certain elements and archtypes in mind. Some of the characters we're working on are a spear fighter, a sword character with light magic attacks, and a water manipulating character.

Our requirements are as follows: first, you must be able to imitate an art style. We already have a couple of sprites that have been made and starting from scratch at this point would be irritating to say the least.

Second, you need to know how to make animations. One of the problems we had as sprite artists come and gone is that they were great with pixel art, but they lacked the ability to make animations. This point in particular will be considered during the process.

We also ask that you have a Discord account. We do most of communication of the project via a dedicated Discord server, so having a Discord is highly recommended, if not outright required.

I think that it might be wise to discuss payment and workload. Payment, while happening eventually, will be determined farther down the lifetime of the project (hence why this thread is in the free section).

As for workload, that will vary depending on how many artists we get onto the project. I should point out that at the moment we are very laid back about when the project gets done. While we do want it done as soon as possible, we all have lives and work on this project as a part time gig. While we don't want you to just say, "Hey, I'll take the position," and then sit in idle on the server, we will not be asking you to make this your top priority in life; you don't need to quit your job over it.

That being said, if you are interested, please contact the following address to reach our team leader Plasmaster: Here you will be able to submit a portfolio of your work, get an idea of what style we will be looking for, and a link to the server as well as the full project details.

I look forward to working with and getting to know you, and I will See Ya Later!

Darth Weegee