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Pixel game trailer

on: October 09, 2018, 12:20:49 pm
Hi there everyone-!!!

I need someone to create a trailer for my game called vast, all of the artwork has been completed and the story bored has been made already for the convenience.

For some more info vast is a 2d , side scrolling, pixel , RTS game set in the medieval period it will have 4 factions how ever we will only show 2 off in the trailer.

Payment wise we will give your name in the credits of the game along with your name in the description of the trailer also if it is done well we will get you to work with us more through the progression of the games creation along with another reward that we will say only after it has been created

If your intrested contact me with these, discord is prefered

Gmail -
Discord - klackknight#4093

Thank you for reading-!!