AuthorTopic: Recruiting a Pixel Artist for a Steampunk RPG Game. [PAID]  (Read 1276 times)

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Hello there I am recruiting a Pixel Artist to design sprites for a game being developed by Obsorber's Productions. We really want someone who is dedicated and willing to get tons of work for the project done as quickly and as effective as possible. The game is called Safehaven and is currently in it's early stages of development using the RPG Maker Development Engine.
    Prices are to be discussed. We need someone who can construct charactersets, facial sets, battle charactersets, portraits and more. An example of what we offer in pay; want to pay $50 per 4 frame animated pose of a battlecharacter with this amount of quality below:

-For Large Battlerscharacters(being the enemies) we offer $75
-Now you can imagine as battle charactersets need to be created with a total of 14 poses each there is going to be a lot of work available in this project.

Also another example of the prices we offer for the creation of a standard individual sprite of one character in a spritesheet is $30. An example of a spritesheet can be seen below:

It's understood that some monster sprites will be bigger and we will offer $45 for the payment of larger characterset sprites. Note that the offers are an example of some of the main work that will be taken when working for us.

In summary, we are looking for someone who can basically create graphics for the NPC's, the main characters, the monsters, graphics for the battling and more. If you have experience in creating sprites for RPG Games then please contact us. We are looking for someone with a passion for game development and preferably would like someone who is aware of, has worked on or even used the RPG Maker Software preferably VX Ace as that is the game's engine. We expect the person working with us to sign a contract the for security purposes be that they get their pay and we receive our work from them. You will also be listed in the final credits of the game.
   When jobs are assigned, there will be a work document explaining what has to be done often using reference images as an example.

If you would like to work with us then please contact me here or email me:
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