AuthorTopic: (Sporadically) paid opportunity for animators/artists, as well as programming!  (Read 1879 times)

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Yes I know that's not the most promising title, I plan to compensate properly but I work for 15/hr and am not sure how fast I'll be able to raise the funds, ergo it'll likely be slow going devwise. I feel it important to be up-front with that.

However, on to the description of the game:

The game is a platformer of the high speed variety, centered around momentum and shotgun recoil. A lot of the gameplay will revolve around this. The setting is a rogue nation-state beset by an abundance of experimental types, ranging from the mechanical to the artistic.

The themes of the game center around the positive and negative aspects of Anger as a driving force. For example, the main character is a barbaric woman by the name of Barbara whose reckless nature, tragic history, and propensity for violence has driven her into mercenary work. Accompanied by her more cold-rage and tactical girlfriend Nicole, she is tasked by a foreign government to destabilize and sow chaos against this threat to society.

However, across the course of the game and several violent acts and some war crimes it becomes apparent the nation-state is not quite as it seems. Perhaps even more benevolent.

As stated, the game will rely on a fast-paced working model, a mixture of sliding and running mechanics and pinpoint trajectory jumps using the shotgun.

I currently have two games planned, the second of which explores Barbara's past and psyche more as well as resolving her evolution from a being of pure brutality into perhaps something more.

If interested, please throw me a line! I've been trying to get this project off the ground for a while, but I often run into issues with development. I'm hoping to see a release on this within 4 years devtime, being generous. Sooner preferred but I do understand how much work goes into games.
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