AuthorTopic: [Help Needed] Looking for someone that can help me make a boxing character  (Read 897 times)

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Hello, If someone can help me make a simple boxing character that would be awesome. I'm new to programming so I need a simple character to mess around with.

I need the following animations:

- Idle
- jab
- Cross
- Hook
- Cross
- Block
- Hurt
- Knocked out

Also, the character is a platformer type character, he must be facing left or right ( I will provide references below)

If someone can make this for free I will greatly appreciate it. The character doesn't have to look great. A simple looking boxing character with the following animations I listed will be great. If you are willing to help me out please PM and give me your discord so that you can give me the frames for the animations.

Thank you so much!

Here are some references:

Again, it doesn't have to look like these characters in the references. As long as the animation are visible and can tell what they are that would be enough.

Thanks again!