AuthorTopic: Pixel Artist desperately needed for Project Elemental Force (2D Adventure Game)  (Read 594 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I have a small time job offer on the side for a pixel artist. The Project I am currently working on is progressing very quickly and I am in need of someone who creates the game's art for me. The thing is... I create art myself sometimes, but I always fail to get results in Pixel art that satisfy me. It always looks weird to me. Also I lack the talent to create a coherent art style for this game. I want someone who does this as a hobby or professionally but has spare amount of time to create something for me.

Based on pricing, I might be able to pay your artwork (depends really on my fanancial situation). Smaller Artworks I can generally pay for if you want to. If you insist I will provide a contract for this project with all options listed.

To my person:

I studied Game Programming here in Munich and am now working as a web-based developer for larger companies (we are a small company which handle large sites for large companies). I started planning a game about 1 year ago and started programming almost immediately, but somehow in the art department I am lacking a little bit (I am a programmer after all). What I really want to achieve is finishing this game, which is my passion project.

About the Project:

Elemental Force (Name not final) is a 2D Zelda-style Adventure game with a randomly generated world. I can already see people rolling their eyes, I know. But here's the twist. I have been working the last 6 months on my algorithms for creating this world. What I want to achieve is not just a plain world that has mundane tasks or feels empty. I want to create a world that is just as good as a pre-built one, with a lot of character, a good story, awesome dungeons, etc. But the twist is that every time you create a new save file, you get a different world, with different stories, sidequests, etc. Of course we will limit ourselves in options from the start, but we will increase the options dramatically, once everything's set up.

From a progress Standpoint: Major Algorithms are finished. The world can be build, and dungeons are created. This was the worst part of it all, but still lots to do. I don't really have a timeline set, but I want to release a demo in spring next year. This shouldn't be a major problem. From there we will try to get some funding and finish this whole thing.

Your task will be leading the art direction for this game. Which is a great job, since you will be responsible for how the game looks. I would love to see some of your resumÍ and images you created. I will probably be handling concept art for the most stuff. But there's a lot of areas I haven't even gone into so you have a lot of freedom here.

If you are interested, please contact me via mail. I will reply soon. My email is

Best regards,


PS: Some technical data for you:

This game will be created in Unity Engine. This Engine provides everythign I need and even allows for complex algorithms. Currently I am delving into the new beta version with enhanced threading alternatives and decreasing code runtime on my algorithms. The algorithms will be able to be modified by changing a simple configuration file. Also we want to be able to develop the world how we want. What this means is that Players can create and develop their own version of a world with the engine of this game, or even we might be able to add "adventure maps" which are pre-rendered worlds that we created. I want this to be as open as can be to modifications (Only on the outside of course, people should not mess with the code or anything). Most of it is set up as such already.

PPS: You will get a share of revenue eventually created of this project. How much is up to negotiating. I will provide a contract for that!

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