AuthorTopic: Looking for a great team to work with? Amateurs are welcome too! [Rev-Share]  (Read 444 times)

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Hi Guys,

My name is Misha. I am the leader of a "BlackFire Games". It consists of 7 inspired amateurs. We are currently producing a game called "Rufford". Rufford is history-based, RPG, eccentric game with pixel graphics. Here's the short overview:

The main story unfolds when the whole country is fallen in crisis, the war brought it to the period, when humanity is no longer a priority. Robberies, murders and police sirens became the normal life thing people could see or hear everyday taking a walk in the park or going home. The basic plot focuses around 5 main characters. The first one is William - a 30-year old man who was working for a huge company as a chemist to earn that little money to help him survive. One day, the company received a request from the government to create something incredible. Something that could save the country's economical place in the world and the country itself. The new product that can bring it's creators millions. William's company accepted this good-looking suggestion. So did William. Sure, working some more time to create something and finally be able to pay your bills can't be bad! At least that's what he was thinking at first.. Funded by the government itself, it was not just some new sort of soda, or candy. It was a bio-weapon. No one knew, of course. William got hired to create the main part, bio-active substance from a given formula. As a professional chemist he suspected that this is not a food or a medicine, but this was something completely new, something that he had never seen before, he was still forced to finish the main part, to gain money. After some time he finally realized what it actually was.. But it was too late. Working with no bio-chemical protection, he was slowly poisoning himself. Hah, of course. Why would you need bio-protection to work on candy or soda? Still, that protection could have saved him from the inevitable, deadly consequences from working on a bio-weapon...

For understanding the Rufford's style and graphics itself, I recommend to check out this game trailer (isn't Rufford's gameplay) -

Some art made by us:
Some music made by us:
Current Development Progress: 10%
We are looking for: Pixel artists (Background artists, Character artists), and Writers (Story, Dialogs).

Development has started for about a month ago. Since then, we have been making GDD, Main story, and polishing them; we have created a couple of great songs and painted some sketches. We aren't able to pay you now, as a starting company, but we are able to give you a fixed revenue percentage from Rufford's sales or fundings. We won't force you to work at Rufford in your main time, It's understood and appreciated if you will be working in your spare time. As non-deadline project, you won't have any limits, and will be able to feel a lot of joy working with our cozy team. We are amateurs and making Rufford in our spare time.

If you are interested:
write back to my email - (prefered)
or PM me.

I look forward to hearing from you. :)
Yours faithfully,
The CEO of BlackFire Games,
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