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[Closed] Passionate dev looking for pixel artist

on: June 29, 2018, 10:25:33 pm
Currently not looking for a pixel artist

Hello !

I'm a French developer and I'm currently looking for a pixel artist to join me in my adventure in game making hoping to make something great.

What am I looking for ?
I guess that's the most important part, so I'll start there.

First, I'm looking for someone for multiple projects, to learn together and improve our skills while making games.

  • I'm neither looking for a professional artist nor someone who is extremely talented (though I'm not against that).
  • I want someone who wants to improve their skills through different game projects.
  • I also need someone who enjoys games, who will enjoy making assets for different games.
  • And last but not least, it is really important that we are thinking the same way.

What do I mean ?
My concept of game making is what's more important to team up.
To me, making games is about fun, and about wanting to share that passion with others. There is no game without a team, but there is no game without players too. So we need to work together to make something enjoyable while enjoying it.

I want most of my projects to be open source. Knowledge should be free, and even if one of my games had to be paid, the sources would be open to everyone, because there's always a way to get it for free and I feel like anyone should be able to learn from it. (exceptions were made for some projects where the code were too bad to be shared, in my early days of programming).

That being said, you should agree that your assets would probably not be protected by copyright, although I guess Creative Commons licenses would be okay (mostly CC BY-SA).

Why should you join me ?
I create games with passion, and I tend to think that games are better made with more than just one person working on it. That means that even though I want pixel artists, projects are made together and all points of view are welcome.

Moreover, I'm an indie dev and I'm still learning, although I'm coming to a point where I can do almost everything I need properly, given I have the time necessary for that. So that would be a journey where we could learn together and make great games.

And last, I have no official company yet, that means I need someone serious in whom I can put my trust and who will be able to act honestly, as I will be honest and trustworthy with you. I will always give my feedback on your work to help you improve yourself, while I can also congrat you. More than working together, it's also building something nice and enjoyable for both of us.

Thanks for reading and I hope it convinced you to join me !
If you are interested, do not hesitate to send me a message, either there or anywhere else:
Discord : Feelzor#4242 and email:

Have a great day and I'm looking forward to receive your messages !
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