AuthorTopic: Outer Fate Sci fi rpg game (rev-share)  (Read 1315 times)

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Outer Fate Sci fi rpg game (rev-share)

on: June 21, 2018, 04:12:02 am

This is my first time posting, and in of need help with my game's art assets such as the Tileset/characters

I can do programming and a bit of concept arts and I am better with the characters but in terms of animating sprites is just not I'm good at so I hope to find someone who is here, I also know that sci-fi tilesets are pretty rare so I could really use an artist's help as an extra hand for the tilesets and optimizing the characters such as shaders and stuff.

-The game will be set on a space cruiser ship, not your everyday simple spaceship  :P

For the tileset
- I need help with the Floor textures, Carpet, Walls, Door and decorations you name it.

On a serious note

-I am very serious in creating this game I am even having sleepless nights for this but now I am stuck due to limited art resource which I struggle with.
-Upon helping me you will become my project teammate,and so will be a part of the game I am creating, which something for me will never go unnoticed, we both will represent the game together as a team and there will be rev-share.
-Thank you for your time and look below on my concept art so far.

Below is my prototype on making characters in game.

Some bits of map concept layout of the ship's interior corridor.

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Re: Outer Fate Sci fi rpg game (rev-share)

Reply #1 on: June 25, 2018, 09:03:16 am
Okay, hello, tell more about your technical side, pls, what engine you want to use etc. Most importantly tell more about game.
It's not an action game isn't it? Closer to jrpgs I guess? Is it more a story heavy game? How light-heavy mood is? How huge/tiny size is?
Do you have a Discord account?
I'm making some pixels and animations: and might be interested, depends on your dreams/plans/ideas, if it's ok you can hit me up on Discord (Shirsh#0266)