AuthorTopic: [18+,$, Unity] Hiring Character Designer for 3d Erotica Game  (Read 1583 times)

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Greetings. I'm Deuces, an aspiring game developer situated in the US and I'm looking for two people to bring in for a short time in helping produce assets for an erotic 3d game using Unity 3d. The two people will be working remotely to elaborate on an asset bundle I have already purchased. It is Qubit's SD character package, here's the link to the Sketchfab page

The model already has a pretty impressive rig for anyone using Blender. The UV's are a bit fuq'd; but unnoticably, as the characters are basically naked. Be that as it may, there's lots of overlapping and it needs to be fixed. Now for the jobs:

Costumes/Hair/Face Expressions/Props-I prefer paying for batched work as opposed to individual objects.
Animation-I prefer the files in individual .fbx's for quick mecanim work.

This will hopefully be a tiny project and great for beginners trying to make their names or get experienced with game dev. I'll need a total of 8 characters (1 male, 7 female) as well as a generic randomized NPC for battles and such. Feel free to contact me here; but I'm more responsive on email and Skype: