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Re: Buncha Stuff.

Reply #20 on: September 20, 2005, 05:49:22 am
part of the problem with the new version is the usage of the dithering.  when you dither two colors together, they are perceived as a third color.  you have not treated this dithering as a third color, and have just used it to blend two strips of color together quickly.  to get maximum effect you need to broaden the 50% dither as if it were a new color, and then use finer dithering to blend the transitions at either end (in effect creating new colors to soften the transition).  what you have done, in effect, is used the dither as a buffer between the two.

to refine helms statement, there is nothing wrong with the 'scribble' style for pixel art.  just make sure it ain't random ;)
you will always get a better result if you decide where the pixels will go.  takes longer, but thats the price we pay...

i love the rocks too... such a minor part of the picture, and they are so beautifully treated.  oh yea, and that red needs to be tweaked... or make it a glowing red or SOMETHING.  its up there with full RGB green and magenta at the moment in eyeball burning...

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Re: Buncha Stuff.

Reply #21 on: September 20, 2005, 08:24:21 am
That's a perfect point lief, I was thinking the same thing about the dithering.
Of course, dithering would take alot of practise to get good at, I'm still very bad at dithering and I'm yet to learn to utilize it well enough.

I also agree the red is way too saturated.

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Re: Buncha Stuff.

Reply #22 on: September 21, 2005, 01:52:27 am
Completely agreed with lief.

Art related;
I think it would be nice if you added a tad more detail to what you already have, but not so much that it detracts from the style. Like some bones sparsely placed throughout the ground, or a cloud or two more in the sky above Mr. Red to make the sky more consistent, because right now it looks like the sky goes from crystal clear to densely dotted with clouds.
I also agree that the red guy is a bit too red. Perhaps a little downtoning the brightness...?
Lastly, perhaps it's just me, but that pixel-thin twig in the tree is...odd...

Not art related;
For a game, I picture this being like Lenny Loosejocks in Space, but without infinite lives or health, and controlled with the keyboard. There'd also be some battles akin to Megaman, Mario, or Sonic, but only maybe one to four. Just a short game. The animations would be fluid and pretty, with many small details such as the stars sparkling in the sky, those little creepy shadow guys popping up/hiding and blinking, and the water havin' a nice anim to it. Mostly, it'd be based on simple puzzles, item collectage, and reflexes. Controls would be walk/run, jump/climb, pick up/use/push, and shoot. The shot would be just a short ranged stun gun, used more strategically than run 'n gunnerly.
Maybe the innocent looking critters could be pixels, and as you go along, you gain appendages and stuff - going from a simple square to an armed, bipedal redman. Your task could be to lead the blue innocents to a safer land while keeping as many as possible. They'd have six simple commands; Stay all, Follow all, Attack all (select target), Attack single (Ditto), Follow single (The nearest will come while all others stay put), and Stay single (yup). But, of course, there would be places that only you could go and then open a passage for them to come to you through or make a bridge or something similar.

Man, I wish you could program.