AuthorTopic: [Unpaid] Active PC programmer seeks serious partnership (game examples inside)  (Read 607 times)

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Hi everyone, I am MadBread Games and I am searching for a serious collab to produce indie games.

I am quite experienced programmer but I didn't had much luck on the artistic department, so I haven't finished a lot of games, I have some examples though, that you can see at the end of this post.

What is this collab? initially it is non profitable, I want to pair up with someone that wishes to finish and release games on Itchio as much as I want.  I have made a collab before, but unfortunately the artist didn't want to keep up.

The idea is to produce small quality games, they can be conceptual, showing one level of a bigger game or small ideas that wrap up in a short but quality game. Your art is yours, your name will be in the game front as collaborator. If we finish the game and make it commercial, or if we receive any donations on Itchio, revenue will be split 50%

I will be able to invest 1 hour per day on the collab, and I expect my partner to be available at least every other day for 1 hour too. I have concrete ideas and working engines, but I would like to know about the interests of the artist too, before we decide on a small scale project.

We can talk via Telegram, messenger or E-mail.

If anyone is interested please send E-mail to:

Thanks a lot for reading!



This is a collab I finished 2 years ago in 7 days for a Game Jam.

This is an actual game I have on Play Store:

This is a blog where I post my stuff: