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Re: Finding the right tool

Reply #10 on: May 14, 2018, 10:46:40 am
Using PyxelEdit and Aseprite for about a year. Using ancient Trust graphic tablet, but it used to be in a pro-league.
So, Aseprite is da best, Aseprite 4 life. Extremely powerfull, but more important convinient and joyfull to work with. Topnotch for arts and animation.
The only issue is the pixelated interface. I do kinda like it, but sometimes I would like it to change for something more laconic and comfortable, vital when a big project is on the run.
PyxelEdit is a dissapointment. No hotkeys to be assigned, laggy as hell, lacks some instruments and features. Still, it's the best instrument for tiles. Wow, it really does his job with tiles, nothing compares to him. Tiles, lots of them, any kind, fast and clever, instant edit on every layer. I love PyxelEdit, and hate it.

Yep, there is a PRO Motion, I had some huge plans for that app, I was almost ready to buy it for it's original price. Thanks for Steam I could refund it in time. God help me, this programm is forcing you to forget any good workflow habbits. My thoughts about it - It was designed by one person for this one particular person to do his personal pixels. It's an extremely powerfull application, maybe it covers EVERYTHING of pixel art you would ever need. But you will never learn how to work fast and fluent in it. So many doubtfull desicions, strange ways to do simple things, ancient interface... I ragequit it.
BTW, if you want to do big pixelart or more like some binary art - have a look at Paint Tool SAI2 (mind the 2 version!). It's like a PS on minimals, but you will love it. A special binary pen at your service, with all the standard features any serious graphic art can provide. Also - pen stabilization and possibility to rotate canvas.

So, that's an IMHO, don't forget.
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