AuthorTopic: [Help !] Cliffside / Styx River / Landscape thing  (Read 550 times)

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Hello everyone,

Today I'm supposed to be making some sort of hell (I'll add some skeletons and stuff later on) cliffside scenery that will later be used as parallax in a game (it's going to loop horizontally). Problem being that I don't have ANY idea how to do a landscape that doesn't look like modern art.

So I'll just be putting here what I managed to do and hope someone is kind enough to try helping me ^^

(I put my characters on the second image so you have some context)
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Re: [Help !] Cliffside / Styx River / Landscape thing

Reply #1 on: May 30, 2018, 07:27:34 am
first up, your colors are WAY too warm for the valley of death.
Redo the cliff colors in a more somber shade, like purple and blue or shades of either. Alternatively, use dark blue and bright red as light and shadow to create a more surreal effect.

Second, study up some different rock formations! You've done alright here, but it looks too much like a desert formation like the grand canyon than the more wobbly-lookin' ones you find near watery areas.

An example, in the form of a kinda silly inspiration poster that happened to show off what I mean well enough:

PSA: use imgur also go suggest on my quest, cmon